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CaneAV is a joint venture supported by services provided by MediaCutlet and Hurricane Productions in addition to partnerships across the Northeast corridor.

Our Story

We started as a DJ company in 2003.

Since then we’ve grown two businesses to work symbiotically and separately of one another and amassed a versatile and in-demand portfolio.

CaneAV is the result of building collaborative partnerships over 15 years with clientele in almost every market noteworthy to the region.

DJ Company

Hurricane Productions opens as as a DJ company owned by two sixteen year olds – Strato Doumanis and Vincent Velasquez.

The two meet in high school and find a passion for entrepreneurship

The key to a fast-start success for Hurricane Productions is forward thinking use of Web technologies.

A contact form tied to online marketing leads consumers to Hurricane searching for DJs on Google.

Full Time Business

Between 2008-2011, Strato and Vincent decide to ‘gear up’ the business to become a full-time venture.

With their own funds...

They establish an office, build a full-time staff, warehouse locations and assemble partnerships.

Digital Marketing

MediaCutlet opens for business. Starting a second business becomes necessary for growth opportunities.

Strato and Vincent leverage portfolio to start MediaCutlet

Individuals employed by Hurricane Productions start reaching into other verticals.

MediaCutlet becomes a think-tank of professionals focused on mobile-first web experiences, video marketing, and generation-focused thought leadership.

Event Production

Hurricane Productions and MediaCutlet leverage its long-standing partnerships and clients to launch CaneAV.

Cane AV pays homage to Hurricane Productions

Thinking forward to serve a broader audience with higher expectations, elevated responsibilities, advanced technologies, and complete event management services.

Meet Cane

A full service event agency supplying creative AV solutions, state-of-the-art equipment, and event management support.

Vincent Velasquez
Vincent VelasquezChief Executive Officer
Event Specialist, Visionary, and Client Relations
Strato Doumanis
Strato DoumanisChief Technical Officer
Technology Guru, Event Producer, and Projection Mapper

Our clients trust us to create audiovisual spaces that allow them to present, connect, collaborate and work more effectively.

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